Lidija Jagica

Lidija Jagica | Payroll Advisor

Lidija is a respected Payroll advisor with experience in payroll compliance, award interpretation, superannuation guarantee, workcover and payroll tax compliance across all jurisdictions in Australia.

Lidija is ahead of the latest developments affecting employment related compliance and is well placed to provide proactive advice to clients. She is an acomplished professional with well rounded experience having worked for KPMG, Roger David Stores and Daiso Australia.

Over time there has been a shift in the regulatory environment, such as Fair Work becoming more proactive. As a result, Payroll has become an area of risk for large employers, not only in monetary terms but also in reputational risk.

Lidija assist our clients implement processes, technology, governance and controls to provide assurance and minimise risks of non-compliance.

Lidija is also a skilled negotiator and has significant experience in managing voluntary disclosures, private ruling requests, investigations, objections and appeals.