Find out a little more about us and the way we work with our clients

We are a Specialist Indirect Tax practice that focuses solely on advising clients on Indirect Taxes. It means that we dedicate 100% of our time in continually immersing ourselves in what we do best whereas other practices cannot devote as much focus to Indirect Taxes as we do.

Every day on this earth is a gift so its important you enjoy working with your advisors, you trust their capabilities and that they respect you.

Your advisor will be proactive if they:

  • give you a call once every so often (as opposed to waiting for your call)
  • respond to your emails and calls within the day, even if its just to acknowledge it
  • call you to give you the “run down” after the Federal & State Budgets
  • contact you to discuss any evolving tax issues/legislative reforms

If you believe your advisor is not as proactive as you would like them to be, why not give us a call and see first hand how our experience differs.

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